Social Sector

Vulnerable and Abused Women and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in 29 areas:

·         Establishment of OVC and Abused women Safety Nets at Municipal Ward level.

·         OVC Mapping and develop database.

·         Parenting programme for carers of OVCs.

·         OVC care and support education and awareness.

·         Facilitate access to service provider for support.

·         Care and support to Vulnerable women and OVC’s.

·         Develop common referral system.

·         Develop directory of services.

·         Provide application packages for OVC grants.

Capacity Building and Mentorship:

·         Training and mentoring of community based organisations in organisational development.

·         Training and mentoring of 26 small businesses in business skills.

·         Provision of short loans to 251 community entrepreneurs.

·         Management support to community entrepreneurs.

Community Mobilisation:

·      Increase access to primary health care and social services of 54 communities.

·      Increase 54 communities participation in ward based planning.

·      Strengthen and maintain linkages between the communities, clinics, community service providers and community health care workers.

·      Develop Community education and mobilisation tools in:  HIV/AIDS, TB, PMTCT, male partner involvement, mother and child health, 
       diabetes management, eye care, OVC’s.

·      Community Score Cards. Done in 24 Communities in Swaziland and 30 areas in BCM.

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