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Building Capacity

Building our capacity to replicate our successes is necessary. Using our proven successes to fundraising and explore new opportunities will be key to increasing the impact on the beneficiaries that we serve – to improve the quality of life of poor people, physically, economically and socially. Improving our programme management skills and standards to meet international standards is a high priority.



1.    The financial challenges facing the organization remain a concern, with the need for improved effectiveness and efficiency in using donor funds, increased funding to roll-out our programmes and rebuilding our reserves being uppermost.

The question of effectiveness and efficiency is being addressed by improved financial and project management skills and systems which are in place.

Improved fundraising capacity is being addressed through appointment of a full-time marketing/fundraising person.

Rebuilding SPF’s financial reserves will be actively pursued as part of both improved fundraising and improved efficiency in use of funds.

2.    Improving Knowledge Management.

3.    Development and improvement of communication and information.

The improvement of communication has been prioritized with work being done on internal (staff) and external (funders, stakeholders, public) communication.

In internal communication, regular meetings and workshops with staff from all sites have been put in place and information systems (hardware and software) are being improved.

In external communication the website has been redeveloped and a monthly newsletter produced.

Regular meetings and communication with funders is improving. Reports, articles and documentation have been improved.

4.    Management and development of human resources within the organization needed additional support and a review and improvement plan is being implemented, targeting Project Management Skills.  Specifically staff development, job description review and performance review systems are being improved.  Compliance with legislation and employment conditions is also being reviewed and our systems and procedures updated.

5.    Monitoring and evaluation is in need of additional support and additional capacity to ensure excellent data, information and analysis of results is being developed together with the implementation of Salesforce software.


Our tools and methodologies have been piloted, tested and replicated with success.  We need to document and package our tools more effectively to be able to move to scale.

Key areas include:

  • HIV/AIDS and TB (PMTCT, ANC, HCT, MCWH and paediatric ART).
  • Community based development.
  • Primary health care strengthening
  • Capacity building of CBO’s.
  • OVC and Abused Women Safety Nets
  • Prevention of GBV and women and child sexual abuse.
  • Empowering girls and women.
  • Micro enterprise development.
  • Community Score Cards.


Participation skills and tools in these particular areas are needed throughout the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa and in Africa.  SPF has these available and needs to consolidate such tools and packages (with proven results) and market these to funders, local authorities, government, businesses and beneficiaries.



Our funders (ABSA, Johnson and Johnson, Kistefos, Norway, Proctor and Gamble, European Union, One to One Children’s Fund, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Industrial Development Corporation), to name but a few, are supportive and encouraging us to expand our work.

Our stakeholders (including other NGO’s, local authorities, government departments and community leaders) are challenging us to do more.

Key supporters include: SA Department of Health, UNICEF, SA National Department of Basic Education, O.R. Tambo District and the EC Provincial Departments of Health and Education and the European Union.

Our key sector programmes for the next year are as follows:

1)  HIV/AIDS and TB Action programme.

2)  Paediatric and mother care and support. (1st 1000 days)

3)  Primary health care strengthening (including eye care).

4)  OVC and Abused Women safety Nets and protecting women and children.

5)  Small enterprise support and development.

6)  Bright Futures programmes in schools.

7)  Adolescent and Youth friendly services

8)  Young Women’s Leadership Initiative.

9)  Skills to Care Learning methodology.

10) Mentor Moms Clubs.

11) School leadership Literacy and Language.

12) Bursaries for young leaders.

13) Early Childhood development.

14) Community and Balanced Score Card for service improvement.


SPF Celebrates 31 years

In this year of 2019, the Small Projects Foundation celebrates 31 years since its formation on 7th January 1988. 
We wish to thank our trustees, staff and funders who have made this possible.


From: Chief Executive Officer

The Small Projects Foundation started the last year with major programmes on empowering Young Women and Girls. These large programmes have been an exciting challenge for us. They have involved appointing many new contract staff and building teams that support the vision of the organisation. This growth and learning is still in progress. The systems of the organisation and capacity of staff have to be developed to international standards.


The Kistefos HIV AIDS Action Programme Phase II has been completed and has achieved large scale impact in improving health and preventing and treating HIV/AIDS and TB in Mhlonthlo, Qaukeni and Nyandeni Sub districts of OR Tambo District. This programme has touched the lives of 502,817 people in these areas. This includes 52,000 pregnant women tested and counselled to prevent HIV infection, 428,575 community members reached with education on HIV/AIDS and 22,121 young women educated to prevent HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and to complete school.

This programme has strengthened 77 clinics and 6 hospitals to provide improved HIV/TB and primary health care services and reached 148 schools with sexual and reproductive health education. It has reduced mother to child transmission of HIV to less than 2% in these areas.

The Kistefos funding has enabled the development and replication of a number of key innovations viz:

1.      The Skills to Care methodology for Community Health Care Workers.

2.      Improved patient file Management.

3.      Integrated ANC/PMTCT to 18 month tracking tool for mother and baby.

4.      Adherence tracing and return to care of defaulting patients.

5.      Mentor Moms Clubs.

6.      Balanced Score Card for improved care.

7.      Growth monitoring and Nutrition.

8.      Clinic Committee Policy and Training.

The Kistefos Education programme has also been completed and achieved excellent results:

1.      49 Educare Centres have had their teachers qualified, their parents engaged and feeding schemes supported to assist 2,450 children per year.

2.      Primary Schools have been supported with leadership support, 36 teachers mentored and 2,500 children reached with improved learning and sport opportunities.

3.      22 Secondary Schools have had 3 teachers and facilitators trained in Bright Futures and have implemented the programme to 2,600 pupils.

We thank Kistefos, Norway for the wonderful support and encouragement that they have provided over the last seven (7) years.

The challenges and opportunities for the Foundation in the years ahead is to remain true to our values of centering our focus on beneficiaries needs, innovating, developing, documenting and sharing knowledge and best practice and remaining sustainable and relevant.

The wonderful work and commitment of our staff and Trustees over many years is a treasure to the organisation. Thank you!

The volunteers, community leaders, officials and stakeholders continue to inspire, advise and encourage us to do our best.

To our beneficiaries, your courage, fortitude and work with us, gives us satisfaction and joy. May we continue to serve you with dignity, humility and enjoyment. Thank you for taking hands with us to improve your lives and that of the communities.

To our funders, we give our heartfelt thanks. Without your support we could not have accomplished what we have. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

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