What is gender-based violence (GBV)?

GBV is any act of violence that is committed because of someone’s gender – if they are a woman or a man. GBV includes acts of physical, sexual and psychological violence. These can be committed by strangers, and also by people we know, such as boyfriends or husbands, family members, and neighbours. Childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, forced prostitution, genital mutilation and forced marriage (for example, ‘Ukuthwala’) are all forms of GBV. The most prevalent form of GBV is that which occurs between intimate partners.

A Teachers Manual for CLE Teaching of Beginners

For more than a decade, the Board of Rotary International and the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation have made the alleviation of mass illiteracy, in developing countries, a major emphasis within Rotary’s Health, Hunger and Humanity (3H) Programme. By far the most successful Rotary Literacy project has been in Thailand, where the literacy programme for elementary schools that was developed through a 3-H Grant turned gross educational failure into high success in the most difficult regions of that nations. As a result, the Ministry of Education adopted that literacy programme for use, throughout the whole nation

Your Future is Yours to Choose!

Puberty is that age when girls and boys start to become Women and Men. an exciting time when the decisions you make can change you life!

“If You Wish to Heal a Nation, First Heal Her Children.”

A story about The EARLY INFANT DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT PROGRAMME funded by Positive Action for Children Fund.

By Megan Ross for Small Projects Foundation funded by Positive Action for Children Fund.

“A Right to Dream.”

A story about The Bright Futures Programme.

By Megan Ross for Small Projects Foundation.

"The Birth of Hope."

Through the holistic approach of the Youth HIV Prevention and Treatment Programme, Community Healthcare Workers in the Newlands community are curbing HIV infection rates in youth.

Produced by Megan Ross for Small Projects Foundation.

“Hope, Healing & Dignity.”

A story about the Kistefos HIV/AIDS and Education Programmes.

Produced by Megan Ross for Small Projects Foundation.

“The Human Touch”

A story about the Community Health Worker Programme.

Produced by Megan Ross for Small Projects Foundation.


For community health workers (CHWs) to function effectively within clinics and communities, they require both knowledge and understanding in order to provide a valued service.

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