SPF Project


Funded by: KfW Development Bank (via DG Murray Trust)

Project Coordinator: Mancane Futwa

Sector: Health

The Small Projects Foundation was awarded the rights to implement, on behalf of the DG Murray Trust, a highly ambitious intervention dedicating to bettering the lives of Young Women and Girls within Buffalo City Metro.  The intervention is implemented under the banner of Bumb’Ingomso, with six (6) other partner organisations.  The Small Projects Foundation is at the centre of the intervention, responsible for the Behaviour Change and Communication component.


Bumb’Ingomso is a project of the National Department of Health funded by the Federal Republic of Germany, through KfW in partnership with the DG Murray Trust. The project offers youth-centred multifaceted interventions, which focus on behavioural, structural and social issues. These are designed to create an ecosystem that supports young women and creates a sense of imminent possibility.


The combination of these interventions is meant to accelerate impact and result in outcomes such as adoption of healthy behaviours, retention in school, young people making informed choices that are beneficial to their wellbeing and support structures that help young people to participate meaningfully in activities within and beyond their communities.


The project started in the second quarter of 2017 and began with the setting up of structures and recruitment of staff.



This ambitious project aims to achieve, primarily, the following:

·         Build the aspirations of teenage girls and young women through establishing an aspirational leadership network that builds agency and connects to opportunities

·         Mentoring of young women in leadership and designing and running community projects which will include: club organisation, motivational and healthy sexuality programmes

·         Develop linkages between young women in the BI target group and other women in the community, business, government and broader civil society in order to inspire and provide mentorship

·   Mobilise and engage communities in addressing the drivers of the risk tolerance and shaping protective social norms

·   Capacitate Life Orientation teachers in identified, willing and committed schools to improve delivery of SRH education

·   Create and maintain a response mechanism to respond to demand created through community engagements




In pursuit of the above goals, the Bumb’Ingomso team took longer to put together and this had delays in getting the programmes into a full swing but we have been able to register reasonable success during the 1st year of implementation (period running from July 2017 to June 2018).



To date we have in excess of 8000 members registered in the network.


The above number includes those Young Women and Girls recruited by the other partners into the network;


·         We successfully hosted 3 self-identity workshops which reached 300 Young women and girls;

·         We hosted three residential camps for targeting both the in-school as well the out-of-school young women and girls and reached over 260 young women and girls.  The residential camps cover various topics that address Motivational, Self-Awareness, Leadership, Healthy Sexuality, Club formation and Running of Clubs, Project Planning skills, etc. 

·         We hosted two Leadership Network Meetings through which we reached over 700 young women and girls.  The Leadership Network Meetings focussed on introducing Bumb’Ingomso to the young women and girls making them aware of the interventions brought together with the aim of creating a conducive environment within BCM for them to thrive.

·         We managed to train 41 educators from different schools identified for the Bumb’Ingomso intervention implementation by the Department of Basic Education.  Teachers were from 22 schools.

·         The New Year (2018) we organised and hosted a meeting with the teachers that were trained in 2017 in order to follow up on how the training had contributed to their personal development and whether it had contributed to their delivery of LO lessons in their schools.  They reported positive improvement in both instances even though they still felt that they needed support with some of the LO content they have to deliver.  We continue supporting them.

·         The number of wards reached thus far is 12 and these wards cover a number of communities.

·         Many Clubs have been formed in various communities and schools by the young women and girls who have participated in the various Bumb’Ingomso interventions (e.g. Leadership Network Meetings and Residential Camps) and to date these clubs have implemented various projects aimed at addressing issues affecting young women and girls on our communities. Amongst the projects we can highlight the following:

o   An Anti-bullying campaign led by young girls from Greenpoint High School. 

o   Environmental awareness programme led by young girls from Philemon Ngcelwane High School

o   Performing Arts and Recreational clubs formed and led by some of the young women

o   A reading club formed and led by one of the young women after being exposed to and motivated by Bumb’Ingomso 

o   SRH education focussed clubs.

·         As part of building a team to ensure sustainable and successful rollout of the programme, we have recruited a group of stipend receiving mentors who are drawn from the various wards we operate in. To date, we have 24 such mentors who have been capacitated and deployed in the communities to strengthen and grow the programme implementation reach

·         We contributed to the development and launch of a youth magazine called, YAKHA.  The magazine is targeted at young people of BCM and provides them with a platform to tell their stories as well as feature up and coming young people doing great things for themselves and their futures within the BCM area.  The magazine run is 40,000 copies and is produced quarterly.  The SPF team is responsible for distribution of the magazines through its community networks.


As part of the work we do, we have to work with various stakeholders and participate in activities organised by the stakeholders and/or jointly (at times) in order to achieve the best outcomes for the young women and girls within the BCM area.


From the stakeholder activities and/or events we took part in, we can highlight the following:

·         Leading the BCM World Aids Day commemoration event in December 2017;

·         Participating in the metro-wide Preventainment activities led by the District Department of Health.  These events bring together various stakeholders to try and fight the challenges of Health care as well as Drug and Substance Abuse within BCM. 

·         We took part in the Condom and STI Week activations of the municipality and led the facilitation of Focus Group Discussions and Condom use education during the events.



Marketing and media coverage


During the past year, we have been able to establish relationships with various media houses within the BCM area and have also managed to take advantage of the opportunities available with the various media houses.  From the media opportunities made available through the above stated relationships, we can highlight the following:


·         Having Bumb’Ingomso activities featured by the following newspapers:

o   Daily Dispatch

o   King William’s Town Express

o   Isolezwe


·         We have also been able to communicate with the people of BCM through the partnerships with the following radio stations:

o   Umhlobo Wenene FM (a regional SABC PBS)

o   Tru FM (a national youth focussed SABC PBS)

o   Kumkani FM

o   Mdantsane FM

o   Fort Hare FM

o   Izwi Lethemba FM


From the above media coverage, we can also highlight that 2 of the Bumb’Ingomso mentors were not only featured by the Daily Dispatch (in its community focussed “Local Heroes” programme) but were even nominated as part of a group of Local heroes, whose finalists will be honoured by the newspaper at a gala event to be hosted at the end of the year. 


As we begin a second year of implementation, we are looking forward to accelerating on the achievements of this past year and taking this programme to heights that were envisaged at the conceptualization.

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