SPF Project


Funded by: GTAC - JOBS FUND

Programme Manager: Dr Paul Cromhout

Sector: Social & Health

Empowering Youth through Skills Development Programme

The Small Projects Foundation is an NGO based in East London which is funded by the Jobs Fund/National Youth Service (NYS) to provide 3 000 youth service opportunities in youth service for Health and Education Services.

These youth services will be performed in conjunction with designated schools and clinics in mainly Buffalo City Metro and Amathole District.

The National Youth Service aims to provide youth with the opportunity to serve their communities, learn new skills, identify exit opportunities in education, health, small enterprise, or jobs.

Small Projects Foundation will, with Clinic Committees and School Governing Bodies, identify, recruit and train youth participants to render community services for 6 months.

These Youth Ambassadors will work in conjunction with your facility/school under our supervision to provide services to community members and also provide you with monthly reports of work done. The ambassadors will be provided with various capacity-building packages including: Skills to Care Modules (COVID-19, Primary Mental Health and Empathetic Care) and the Give Yourself a Job programme.


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