SPF Project


Funded by: Essilor

Programme Manager: Dr Paul Cromhout

Sector: Health

SPF has a 20/20 Vision

SPF have embarked on eye screening services in schools located in the Eastern Cape.

In South Africa, especially in the Eastern Cape Province; one in 10 (10%) school children in rural and township schools are in need of eye services. Of these children, 62% have refractive errors which can be remedied by providing spectacles. These children who are suffering from vision problems battle to succeed at school as children gain 80% of their learning through sight. The lack of adequate eye services affects the entire future of such children. The Small Projects Foundation has developed key tools and methodologies through its work on eye care programmes and strengthening health services. We intend to empower children and their parents to access their right to sight. There are currently 288 primary schools in the Buffalo City District with 109 000 children in these schools (DOE Statistics, March 2019). Of these children at least 5% (5,467) are in need of spectacles. 

The lack of skilled personnel and resources, methodology and tools prevent effective provision of school health services. This results in those children who cannot see, being unable to learn at school. Working with the district and school teams we intend to provide school eye care services to 6,310 children. 100% of the targeted children will be screened and we envisage that 10% (630) will need spectacles.

Teachers and health providers that work with these schools are trained to do the initial screenings before referring cases to optometrists. This capacitates schools and health providers to continue screening and referral in the future, thereby providing sustainability for the project.

This year (2020) has started off with a bang! The Umbono Sight Project is in full swing and has seen 13 schools receiving Eye Testing Kits which will ensure that children with visual barriers are not left behind in obtaining a sound education.

A donation of R 450 Per child ensures that children who cannot see have access to vision and a bright future. Let’s be the light that our children need.

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