SPF Project


Funded by: Kistefos, Norway

Project Coordinator: Luke Baisley

Sector: Education

Starting in 2018 as a pilot project with 6 student, this is part of a larger programme which will see up to 24 young leaders in the future with tertiary education bursaries for the next 7 years; based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, community service and financial needs. Bursaries applicable to any field of study. It is expected that students will go on to higher study.


The pilot project for 1 year full bursary funded by Kistefos started for 6 students at Rhodes for 2018. Students include 2 Pharmacy, 2 B.Comm. 1 BSC Geology and 1 Linguistics Hons. Students.

Females 5, Male 1.

The total value of the funding will be ±US$1.2 million.

Progress to date has been swift. 6 candidates, all from the Eastern Cape, have been selected.

Degree of Study NumberYear of study
Bachelor of Arts HonoursPost graduate1Honours
Bachelor of PharmacyUnder graduate



4th and Final


Bachelor of Commerce: AccountingUnder graduate1Second
Bachelor of Commerce: EconomicsUnder graduate1Second
Bachelor of Science: GeologyUnder graduate13rd and Final


Students meet on a regular basis to form a common support group and will be the founding members of the Kistefos Opportunity Bursary Alumni group.


Kistefos AS is a Norwegian investment company owned by Mr. Christen Sveaas.

The investment portfolio includes shareholding in Norwegian and foreign companies within the fields of offshore, shipping, financial services, telecommunication and real estate.

Kistefos AS under its social programme has given considerable support to various educational causes as well as a programme in Eastern Cape, South Africa to combat HIV/Aids with special emphasis on “mother to child transmission” of HIV.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Kistefos AS for their valuable support.

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