SPF Project


Funded by: Rotary International

Project Coordinator: Hilton Williams

Sector: Education

The vision is to empower Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) practitioners with skills to develop and embed an enriched curriculum to stimulate learners to improve learning, motor skills, sequential memory and social skills in a safe, hygienic, nurturing and stimulating environment. Number of practitioners: 25 from 25 ECD centres.


Impact 1: Improve leadership / management skills and resources to improve quality of learning and teaching.


Impact 2:  Change view and attitude to numeracy & literacy. Need to change knowledge, skills and attitude and behaviour of parents, learners and practitioners.


Impact 3:  Improve teaching skills and transfer of skills in enriched curriculum to be embedded in centres by changing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour of 25 selected practitioners.


Independent evaluator for baseline evaluation (gap analysis). The University of Fort Hare (UFH) is doing the evaluation.  Appointed by SPF, UFH is to do a baseline evaluation in April 2018 and close out in June 2019. They have develop an evaluation tool. Centres were selected by Loaves and Fishes Network (LaFN) / Sidibene Ngomntwana (SN) / University of Fort Hare / ITEC.

1.    Training of 25 ECD centres practitioners by ITEC: April 2018 – May 2018. Syllabus embedded. 10 day workshops.

Monitoring of ± 9 visits per centre / 2 centres per day will be done. In circuits by SPF champion + 2 facilitators.

We have appointed an SPF champion + SN and L&FN facilitators. They will see each centre approx. every 2nd month.

2.    Implementing programme into ECD centres: May 2018 – June 2019.

Trainer & 2 facilitators visit centres for mentoring & scaffolding.

3.    Operational Management / Leadership training & cross visits: Cross visits X2 per year in clusters. Led by SPF champion

Operational Management training was done at ITEC during 10 training days.

Positive Parenting / Balanced Scorecard – 2 SPF facilitators for Positive Parenting. May, June 2018 and again April, May 2019.


Independent Evaluation for close out: June 2019.



·         Well received invitation to participate culminating in a Launch. ECD practitioners are thrilled and will benefit tremendously.

·         Curriculum development by University of Fort Hare and ITEC will set the standard for ECD teaching.

·         University of Fort Hare will conduct a baseline survey which will be compared to other ECD centres to allow quantitative and qualitative scores to measure success.



·         Very few. Rotary and Rotary International have provided the funding quickly and the service providers, the University of Fort Hare and ITEC, have been professional.



Forging links between the NGO’s, service providers and ECD centres in developing and embedding a functional curriculum where there was little guidance previously. Rotary Clubs in East London and Rotary International have been amazing in securing the funding for a major part of this project. We salute them for their positive intervention.

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