SPF Project


Funded by: OXFAM Italia

Project Coordinator: Carl Satekge

Sector: Social

This programme was established as an integrated action for sustainable community empowerment process in the informal settlement of Buffalo City Metro Municipality.

This initiative is aimed at involving the small entrepreneurs at a local level to be active and highlight fundamental improvements to enable them to participate in local economic development. The community development process was historically characterised by poor economic development which has created a large number of poor families in the community. Those families can positively contribute to development but they are prevented from doing that due to lack of resources, lack of information, lack of access to markets, and lack of access to funding for small businesses.  Fledgling small businesses operating in rural and peri-urban areas for 2 years or more are supported with business skills, mentorship and micro-credit.

1.  Geographical Outreach:

In Buffalo City Municipality the following areas are currently receiving our services:  Newlands, Vergenoeg, Tsholomnqa and Mzamomhle. These operational areas are divided accordingly into areas and the performance is as follows:                             

Area Number  Area NameBeneficiaries’ Responsible person
Area 1Newlands113Nosiphiwo Thuthu
Area 2Vergenoeg61Carl Satekge
Areas 3Tsholomnqa61Siviwe Daniso
Area 4Mzamomhle26Khanyisa Sokoyi
Total for allEast London261 



More than 90% of beneficiaries have repaid their loans in full.  Many beneficiaries are on their 4th or 5th loan.  Most of these beneficiaries have improved turnover and profits by more than 50% since starting on the programme.






2.  Skills transfer and development:


Issues of development and poverty alleviation are interrelated. Skills development at the community level is one of mechanisms to eradicate poverty, solve unemployment issues and for sustainable communities. Development and Training are commonly known to bring positive impacts to communities. Imagine an attempt to grow and develop an individual/business without basic skills.  The Small Projects Foundation has the Micro MBA course as part of a skills transfer programme to beneficiaries. The course is delivered to clients with full accreditation rights from the Trident Institute.

The following learning areas are covered by the course:

Marketing investigation, using a calculator, Buying, Costing and pricing, Selling, Business Planning, Money Management and Stock Control.

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