SPF Project


Funded by: Rausch Partners

Project Coordinator: Dr Paul Cromhout

Sector: Social

Project Title - Support for severely disabled children  
Sector - Disabled  
Duration - 1 Year 
End Date - 9 August 2019 
Implementation Area - Buffalo City Municipality 
Implementation Partners - Canaan Care Centre, SPF 
Programme Manager - Paul Cromhout 
Programme Coordinator - Mariette Jonker 
Reporting Period - 9 September 2018 – 9 August 2019 
Budget   -   R 751 800 
Expenditure to date   -   R 359 000 

Overall Aim / Goal 
Support access to services by severely disabled children. 

Project Description 
Support Canaan Care Centre to provide mobility, therapy, care and support for 31 severely disabled children. 
Strategies Key Activities 
Provide mobility and assistive devices for children   17 Special wheelchairs to be provided 
Provide a sensory play park for children   Build a play park accessible to children 
Provide therapeutic services for children   Obtain funding for therapist to provide services 

Result / Achieved during reporting period 
17 Wheelchairs have been sourced and provided to children. Funding of R 15 000 per month has been obtained and a therapist has been providing services to the children on a daily basis. Designs for the playpark have been completed. 

Challenges experienced and how they were mitigated 
A flood damaged the centre and adversely affected children and their care. SPF procured 3 donated water tanks to absorb and store roof rainwater run-off and provide water storage. A ramp that was to access an open area was not built due to the need for plumbing repairs. This will be completed in January 2019. 

Plans for next month 
Obtain quotes for playpark construction and implement in 2019. 

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